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How To Design A Creation
Considerations for Designing a Universe

Some things may be nearly infinitely small without being nothing. Some things may be nearly infinitely big without being everything. Infinity, although related mostly with infinitely large, works both ways.

I believe some things which are not everything can each be a uniquely numbered percentage of infinity so may be considered as equal to infinity. I had a beautiful experience a few decades ago while meditating: A man the same height as me, same dark hair, same build…He faced me within my personal space; and in my imagination pleasantly told me off. “Shut up talking about a ‘God Concept’ as you do. I’m me. I am everything which exists. I’m also Infinite Love. Infinite Love loves every part of self as an equal. You are a numbered percentage of Infinity; I love you as an equal; I can front to you as an equal.” After that I stopped saying “God Concept”.

I have other stories about finding personal insights about mysterious meaningful highly emotional words and beliefs. The above is as close to being a transcript as I can do. The words have been very clear in my memory, changed minimally. The experience was unusual for using actual words rather than doing a total-concept person-to-person instant idea-knowledge transfer. Robert Munroe, author of books about out-of-body experiences, uses the word “rote” for such unified instantaneous communication using consciousness without physical events in one-dimensional time.

For describing uniqueness in size, resonant frequency, shape or anything, an infinite number of places can be after the decimal point. Individuals have unique real measurements; without necessarily needing further fractions after a last descriptive digit. I like an analogy which describes humans as having measurements which stretch to infinity after the decimal point, so a person may be infinitely individual. For an analogy just as useful, why not end the mantissa before stretching to infinity; by having no more descriptive digits as soon as that person has been described as unique? Both analogies serve the purpose of describing uniqueness. Being human or anything unique doesn't have to stretch to infinity in the definition measurements; there might just as well be a finite number of human beings in creation.

Pi (π) has numbers, after the decimal point, stretching out to infinity. Pi is an individual abstract reality with neither personal identity nor self-awareness. Pi is everywhere; pi has no uniquely-locatable form such as owned by a human being in a personal unique location. Pi is an individual reality, a fact, which ends at infinity. People may be either like pi or not, or in between. At times the synchrony ability of uniqueness is close enough to infinite to work as "Faith". An individual person has the birthright to synchronize with anything, regardless of size, and redirect it. And individuals have the right to be in harmony with enough other individuals to get mutually-beneficial changes to reality; compared with scrambling countless individual intentions into chaos.

3D analogy by 2D perspective.The extent of the mantissa defines the limits of synchrony by which a small event can dominate a big event by catching it at it's zero-crossing point. In another visualization, the small event can catch and redirect the big event at it's peak which is the point where a circle changes direction so has zero speed; so the big event gets kicked into an alternate dimension or set of dimensions (at either the zero-crossing point or the peak depending on the visualization analogy).

Living unique things are independent of being numerically analog; and they don’t need to be a digital number with a limited mantissa; just a known number for the Infinite to be real. I believe that everything is alive by having both individuality and location; and that everything alive is unique; and everything has up to an infinite number of similar living beings. We are all the same person as individuals in a body as a cell in a body in a planet in a universe in... We are synchronous enough to affect our realities regardless of perceived time and size.

Time is infinite; no beginning; no end; only Now; forever. Time is multi-dimensional; some peculiar human cultures adopt the presumption that time is one-dimensional. In such nonsensical one-dimensional thinking, the past is unreal because it has gone, the future is unreal because it hasn’t happened, and the present is unreal because it is infinitely small worse than just asymptotic to zero! So where, in such a philosophy, is Now? How big, within such nonsense, can Now actually be before it’s considered to not exist?

People live in their imaginations; imagination rules perception; imagination is in multi-dimensional reality. In reality, as compared with a human-conditioned reality, time is one large Now. In human reality, time may be in parallel; the past can be changed; cause-effect sequences may be changed. Events in parallel time can affect both past and future despite these being presumed to be unavailable; this is where the origins of Faith come from. Faith works; faith is Real. Doesn’t matter if what’s being prayed to, or what rituals evoke Faith; reality is designed by an infinitely-loving creator so reality accommodates and co-creates with everything which has individuality regardless of what analogies or excuses or words are fashionable habits.

This book is for visualizing energy, matter, movement, time, space...atoms, gravity, ways which explain experimental observations better than the present mess can. One may take a life-time just for learning the mathematical language and/or the conflicting half-there explanations and apologies for failing to actually understand what's going on, before being conversant enough to be approved of for progressing from what has failed in the past to what is continuing to fail, perhaps because of some presumptions about past attempts being sacrosanct and perfect (and they were not perfect). Presently, there are too many dead ends in established theories which leave big holes (pun intended re Black Holes) regarding gravity, for example. Various theories using words and mathematical language, often mixed, can be self-supporting and 100% certain for applying to the experimental results, but then they fail to describe what's going on in terms other than theories which support theories which support conjectures with too many presumptions based on shaky foundations. Many analogies, pictorial, logical and mathematical, try to tie the various observations together; I'm starting with a simple presumption/proposition and allowing experimental observations (hundreds of years and countless millions of lifetimes of study) to fit in, following the approach in this book.

Please, when reading this work, consider that when people say "spin" and "valance" and "magnetic", "static" "electrons" "particles" all such related words, they are regarding reality but using analogies which end up producing abstract ideas which clash rather than which enable productive theories for anti-gravity, movement-without-intertia, movement at thought-speeds, and other necessities. Mathematical language is not the reality it is trying to describe; and words are not the reality they can attempt to describe; mathematics and words produce languages which have their own realities. For much chemistry understanding, for example, 3D stick figures and 2D diagrams can be essential for accurate engineering. Thinking about "spin" directions is referring to a theoretical analogy; and this book's ideas have room for these analogies and countless others...but not the ones which talk about gravity as if black holes are possible, as if gravity can get that big; it Can't! Most experiments, regarding abstract theories, include ambiguities which experimenters choose to ignore or cannot avoid ignoring. Beginning with a few simple unusual proposals, the present structure of theoretical physics, for example, can be simplified and clarified.

Gravity, for example, is the summary of exclusion forces outside the main 3D universe which causes everything which can be excluded into that 3D Universe to come together because it's comings-and-goings, in multiple dimensions, are harmonious enough for their exclusion, in 3D, to be less than their exclusion from other dimensions; so things in 3D come together because they're pushed by surrounding exclusion forces. Similarly movement, light, particles...everything moves because its multiple-dimensional structure is asymmetrical such that it has to move away from directions of excess exclusion-force towards places of less-excluding exclusion forces, the exclusion being caused by synchrony-disharmony or excess presence structurally or deficiencies in structure asymmetrically including asymmetries which are only in 3D.

Light is particles travelling in steps and producing exclusion-forces normal to their direction of movement so which produce wave-exclusion effects normal to the direction of particle movements all of which can only show (as evidence of being caused by something else) when exclusion-force patterns, encountered by the moving light particles, allow the light to make changes to their movements and/or structure; so light always travels at the speed of the local clocks in which it is potentially able to show itself as "light". Similarly all movement is relative. Chuck out the idea of the speed of light being a limit; the speed of light is no more a limit that the speed of sound was a real limit; for all we know the Universe is just like a star in a bigger sky and the Universe may be moving at a few times the speed of light in patterns as complex as the Earth's when movement of the solar-system is considered..."as in micro as in macro" comes to mind.

I'm taking a viewpoint from the idea that says people have tried to explain how space is occupied and what happens, but presently, despite magnificent experimental evidence, the pure theories include nonsensical circular valid conclusions based on false presumptions; they have too many no-go areas, too many can't-says and don't-says. I can visualize a system which works just as well, in analogy terms, by having and/or not having an everywhere "ether" carrier for oscillations (concentric, multi-dimensional, tri-dimensional...transverse, longitudinal), for example. The main point in this theory is that it's based on the Universe being made by one type of exclusion force field that, whether bits discretely in space with nothing in between, or spaces/patterns in a "ether" being visited/vacated by variations...this book's idea needs the understanding that bits of exclusion force can occupy their place/places in space to the exclusion of other bits of exclusion force.

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How To Design A Creation

Let’s imagine how creation was designed, as if we are doing it again. We can work out what’s needed to make a system go. There are an infinite number of ways to have a Universe and all that is beyond in three-dimensional space and in other dimensions; we can work out how to make a universe like the one we live in.

Consider just one universe. It is finite. To prove this, consider how, otherwise, the light generated within everywhere would accumulate such that the sky would be completely filled by so much radiation from so many suns and all the energy would have nowhere to go. In an infinite universe, the light and other energy would accumulate; it would never get out; it would cause everything to cease to exist other than energy which, eventually, would force itself further into infinity but, having already been at infinity, there could be nothing in it that has any individuality except itself. As a star in a bigger sky, a finite universe may have stars as in macro as in micro/fractal.

For something to exist, to be real, it occupies space to the exclusion of things which could either take its place or move it. Our Universe has infinite variety; there is more to it than a terminal accumulation of light energy (which didn’t happen). So our Universe is just another star in a bigger sky. Our universe, also, is multi-dimensional; as is the whole of Creation. Our Universe, and all surrounding similar systems, are themselves in a set which, on a scale of infinitely small to infinitely large, set the whole accumulation as the equivalent of a spark off a shoe of somebody in a larger system.

There are many ways to have multiple dimensions, logically; because “dimensions” can refer to ways of perceiving reality from a limited viewpoint. Take, for example, the human viewpoint: it’s a front-view constructed by the imagination, the mind including psychically; with the help of eyes and the whole of the body; everything “seen” depends on memory and imagination. Time, also, is imagination; so in one molecule, on an infinite scale, could be the whole lifetime of a universe on another scale of time and space — a smaller scale; that’s one way to have multiple logical dimensions. Another way is for whatever is in 3D to be made of the same stuff, such that in the same three coordinates another set of stuff could exist which is made of a different substrate – a substrate which has effects only on stuff of its own type – which completely ignores anything made using a different substrate.

The other meaning of “dimension” besides logical considerations, above, equates “dimension” with “coordinate”. Left-right, top-bottom, front-back; these are the three co-ordinates of a three-dimensional system. The Universe exists in an infinite number of dimensions; it does not use all of them all of the time to the same extent of distributions — so here is another way to have “dimensions”: considering multiple 3D systems within the same space, somewhat sharing all dimensions but having each a selection of dimensions to occupy somewhat exclusively. That’s how our present Universe is done: by having multiple dimensions as co-ordinates plus multiple sets of three co-ordinates in order to have multiple 3D “dimensions” in the same space.

If an object in 3D space goes away in an optional dimension while staying in the same place in 3D, then it would shrink; and that’s how everything that happens in 3D space happens — things come and go into and out of 3D space, sometimes concentrically and at other times by pushing each other out of the way. Of Creation’s systems, those which are like our Universe and which are in the logical dimensions of our “physical” universe all work by having one type of force field that has variations in its densities by bits of it coming and going both multi-dimensionally and by moving in the same three co-ordinates. Our spiritual heavenly type systems are in parallel; they share the same co-ordinates but occupy their own sets of three as much as our physical events have majority occupation of our primary three spatial coordinates.

For anything to happen in a universe, despite real time being one big Now, the system must also enable a limited viewpoint to experience sequences. The language and art of mathematics can describe static holistic situations as relationships; maths can describe sequential events and cycles of increments and decrements. Maths needs a new theoretical foundation describing how our universe actually happens. Three useful analogies, based mathematics and observations, can help to describe a multi-dimensional reality:
1. A hologram can reproduce the 3D image from its whole or from a part of itself; I like to say “We shine the light of our individuality onto the multi-dimensional hologram of reality to produce from an infinity of possibilities the reality we co-create”.
2. Another useful analogy is likening Creation’s features to fractals: Presently fractals are usually thought of as 2D pictures that reproduce as they get smaller. However, fractals may be also be envisaged which have boundaries such that they reproduce indefinitely only asymptotic to zero. Creation includes multi-dimensional fractal systems, both unidirectional – from a smallest-size out to infinity or a perimeter towards zero – and bi-directional.
3. A third analogy is for Creation to have characteristics of a multi-dimensional Fourier series. Every shape that is a 2D perimeter may be described as a fundamental sine-wave graphed on the other co-ordinate by a co-sine wave; and both waveforms may have harmonics. A Fourier Series can describe any sequence of events as a fundamental (even if only one cycle) cosine wave (so it can exist at its beginning rather than, as a sine-wave, it would not exist at the zero beginning point) and as many harmonics as necessary to describe the time-domain event/s. The other harmonics may be described according to their frequency and phase relative to the nominal or real fundamental (lowest) frequency through its 360° circumference. A multi-dimensional Fourier System can describe any shape in 3D and beyond. It can, also, describe movement in 3D space (even movement in one direction — as a straight line, yes, but as a segment of a circle of infinite diameter, as the fundamental).

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Considerations for Designing a Universe

If we do something which clashes with other beings, then we can be placing ourselves in unique sets of dimensions; and, if necessary, as the only living member within those dimensions. Infinite Creation includes individuals, villages, nations, planets and universes are separate from each other and reality as a whole; because of their choices; which is the present situation for our Universe.

Reality as we see it is co-created in all dimensions. Many perceive time as one-dimensional and things as having been caused and being able to cause things to happen afterwards. Things happen and are in various places according to being observed; we co-create a sequential reality, with one-dimensional time, within an otherwise holistic Now. Things apparently cause other things to happen in the future yet, in reality, the future has already happened; yet we can change our viewpoints and co-create what we perceive later, when it happens.

To be individual is to have free will; to conceive ideas and change things for continuous size and discrete whole numbers. We can make things happen, go away completely, and change their size. That’s our reality despite time seeming to be one-dimensional. Time has sequences happening in parallel.

We are in a reality co-created with other individuals of many types in many more than three dimensions. Although many things happen without our obviously being part of the causes, the limits of our ability to change things are at the limits of our beliefs, to the limit of how much our group is in harmony with all other groups.

Believe in free will leads to belief in differences between living and non-living things. I like to believe that everything with individuality is unique; and that everything that can be described as an individual is alive. A living being in a 3D Universe is a multi-dimensional spirit experiencing life with a three-dimensional body that depends on its host for its integrity. The being can be independent of the body which may be anything that being wants to experience. A huge rock jutting out of a hill, billions of years old, could be the blink of an eye of a being wishing to watch what happens, on Earth, for a few billion years.

Creation is designed for and by individuals and groups whether bacteria, people, worlds, universes or anything else with individuality. Being alive here involves mastering external things by wanting to, while sharing with the desire of other beings who also like to share their abilities and have company. Mastering some things like walking and talking takes practice and somewhat happens naturally. Other abilities get accumulated by people communicating and recording; so physics, chemistry and other aspects of science enable unity of methods and purpose for individuals to focus will harmoniously. Sometimes the communications become more important than the knowledge they are supposed to communicate; so nowadays a scientist can spend a whole life perfecting descriptions of theoretical events based on previous descriptions of theoretical events based on observations…going back so far as to now need a new basis for physics.

The need for harmony, for successful co-creation, evokes philosophy to fit in with facts regarding dimensions beyond the main three. Such theoretical abstract knowledge is essential for engineering, for making things happen in three dimensions.

Separation of religion from science handicaps both systems; with members of both sides having to find Faith and Chi…everything spiritual, for themselves. Religion doesn’t help when it tries to pose as if a science; and people with theories tend to think their theories are facts and Faith and Chi seriously resist being put to the test because people have to find these out for themselves, by definition of how Faith and Chi (same things different words) work.

Theories here are describing observations, towards understanding natural things enough to do engineering with reasonably reliable outcomes. They are towards getting unlimited energy, movement without inertia, instantaneous movement, anti-gravity and the ability to transform damaged environments with microbial activities, chemical and field-energy systems.

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