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David Beale

12 equally-sized balls representing particles in a stable pattern


The chapter about Gravity has lots about movement; because gravity and relative movement are both caused by exclusion force fields. Gravity is the summary of incompatible exclusion-forces surrounding an object in space, producing movement forces towards potential destinations with better compatibility for mutually sharing space. Movement tendencies happen for complex objects because of relative asymmetry in their patterns of less-complex components.

This chapter is about movement being proportional to relative increases and decreases in the shapes of moving things and the quantity of components accompanying their unique shapes. It's about bits of the multi-dimensional (multi-D) hologram having some of their harmonics increased and decreased, in a multi-D space, relative to other bits in the same 3D space, while their overall multi-D influence stays constant.

All movement is relative. Movement happens sequentially because reality is co-created to change constantly. New things happen and old thing repeat, in 3D; and they do so holistically in multi-D. The "One Big Now" does change but past, future and present are as much in parallel as they are sequential.

"When we travel, everything in our path (and ourselves) fit in and make room within all the peaks and dips of the pressures of our moving image as it is evoked. Our motion, in the three dimensions our universe uses mostly as a "club", increases the permanent presence of patterns of individuality, in positions in the same "place" throughout all dimensions of the overall hologram. Travelling intrudes on all other individuality. Travel, within the three dimensions most peculiar to our universe, thus invokes the phenomena of gravity as the surroundings compensate for the extra presence, by excluding us more to our own place and by encouraging us to fit together more harmoniously."
David Beale circa 1996

In the above paragraph, " " around "place" was because a person, an atom, a particle...every thing has an overall reality everywhere and its own series of unique sequential places where, momentarily, in each place some harmonics are larger in that 3D system, balanced in nearby dimensions. The paragraph supports the idea that individuality is real whether nearly infinitely small or large, and that everything with individuality is in the harmonics of every other individual; so "place" has ambiguity. That paragraph also another reference to the analogy about Creation being like a multi-D version of a 3D hologram.

Concentric gold and whiteThe most simple thing with individuality is a spherical area stationary in three dimensions of a multi-D exclusion-force field. Such an area has only one exclusion-force object cyclically coming and going to-from a dimension (co-ordinate) external to the main three. Exclusion-force pressure-levels can be changed by a solitary sphere reducing into an alternative dimension then returning to the same 3D space.

This page's background picture shows circles connecting at their perimeters. It's a 2D analogy for a Multi-D concept for how things can happen in otherwise empty nothing space: Places stay at the same levels of exclusion force yet have pieces of exclusion force coming and going multi-dimensionally and moving in the same 3D space. Whereas many pictures on these pages have 3D spheres of equal size, the background picture shows circles of various sizes. The circles have a limited range of sizes. I wish and work towards drawing selective analogies, each to get just some ideas over; because to get all the ideas over in any small group of pictures is, so far, impossible for me. I can make animations using Solid Works Pro and want to add some to the website pages; but... I remember when radio plays were as real as books and at least as enthralling as TV; modern movies, by comparison, are deafening overkill! The background picture, in 3D, can come and go using dimensions additional to 3D while staying in the same place (relative to observations) in 3D. Such a complex pattern will not shrink; if it's coming-and-going is a simple sine-wave then it will fade away, dissolve, then return to be more solid, again. Similarly, in the multiple-spheres (golden) picture, one has faded while all the other spheres are solid. The translucent sphere is going away in Multi-D whereas the others are remaining constant in 3D despite all of the spheres being comprised by multiple spheres concentrically sharing the same moving places in 3D space.

The most-simple event happens easiest at the center of a universe. Away from the center, movement produces vulnerable moments during each step as events leave one place without being fully in another, leading to each place being at half-pressure for half the time; which leads to moving events taking on enough extra concentric complementary spheres to keep the pressure levels the same as if the pattern is stationary.

For a pattern to be stable while moving, two strategies are used: One is for its components to have frequencies higher than potential intruders'. The other strategy, for being stable, is for additional pieces to occupy the sequential locations of enough bits of the patterns.  Space may have solitary occupants of spherical positions, which may move yet continue to have only one spherical entity, or few, by occupants oscillating fast enough to prevent slower spheres from sharing the same places.

The distance apart, of moving locations, is set by the rate-of-change of pressure levels of the moving pattern (thing, object, event...). At low frequencies, the pressure level drops slowly from one location and, instantaneously, emerges as an increase in the next location. At higher frequencies the distances between locations is smaller. Through otherwise vacant space, all frequencies travel at the same speed; but through space occupied by other pressure variations, movements of anything (light, solids...) fits in with the local events in all related dimensions.

Space is filled with the exclusion-force field that connects all universes in 3D space. Everything in space happens by patterns of variations to pressure levels and movements of those patterns and their less-complex parts. If patterns get in each other's way then they may mutually adjust their frequencies, temporarily or permanently, to be complementary enough to move in space with minimal changes. Movement in space depends on compromises with the frequencies of situations moving relatively; when at a distance or temporarily sharing areas.

A theoretical most-simple thing would have one component spherical oscillation which would be a sinusoidal wave of absolute purity. Such things would have individuality by size, frequency and location. The size, location and frequency of such oscillations might be infinite yet each would be only a numbered percentage of infinity, sized from infinitely small without being zero, to infinitely big without being everything.

Concentric spheres white gold The next most simple thing is for a place in space to have only one piece of exclusion force in it; and the piece may be any size multi-dimensionally while cycling pressure-levels only enough to fill that 3D spot exclusively. Such a situation can be stable if the oscillation-rate is high enough or the intrusion, into 3D, strong enough. For patterns to be stable yet occupied by slower variations, more or larger pieces are needed.

A spherical area moves by dropping its pressure-level in each place it leaves; at the same time, synchronously (in perfect phase), it increases the pressure in the next location in the sequence. For a complex set of areas to move yet retain integrity, all parts have to be synchronized enough or have nearby interference smaller than enough to change patterns.

All things in space are moving relative to something, and all are aware of each other to some extent; because exclusion-force variations reach out into everywhere, to some level without being zero. Movement tends to disrupt patterns by them encountering events which are less than perfectly compatible but not compatible enough to simply double their size yet keep their 3D presence the same. Patterns which encounter each other, affect each other by intrusions, subtractions and additions; patterns are changed by encountering nearby patterns; rather than only their relative speed changing. Complex patterns can gain and lose sub-sections, or recompose components.

A universe's background exclusion-force field is varied in strength, in places, to produce that universe's every event, pattern, thing... The background field has its own cyclic variations. These expand and contract at any rate above zero and below infinitely fast.

There may be an infinite number of exclusion-force field types; each could have no effects on any other type; which is one of many logical ways of having multiple 3D places all in the same infinite space. I think the idea "infinitely expanding field" is false, in most contexts, because it clashes with the concept of parallel time, past-present-future being a unity. Sequential events must be possible for us to change things which otherwise would be inevitable for having already happened.

Presently out universe is in part of an expanding and contracting exclusion field which allows pressure levels to be modulated to some extent by our creativity in concert with everything else which has individuality. How much these levels expand and contract is a logical consideration, whether what really is happening can or cannot be understood at least we can try: Let's presume an idea because it suits believing we can change things more than just in our individual unique perceptions. The pressure-level variations, of the unifying exclusion-force field, may be possible because the field is infinitely less than infinitely incompressible. Knowledge of all changes happen virtually instantaneously throughout Creation, but because Creation is perfectly infinite, then we may change limits which our slightly-finite changes have not yet reached; then the changes are known instantly in the whole of the greater reality, anyway. It's a contortion, but it works. animation online of two gifs concentric spheresLight particles travelling in space do so somewhat like sound travelling in water. Sound inside water is spread by micro-movement pressure variations; so sound setting off directionally, in water, eventually reaches everywhere. In water, pressure variations, if from initially only one direction, also move at 90° around and away from the direction of movement. In water, if the longitudinal instigating source movement is small enough, then at the interface between the water and the air the transverse surface wave travels slower than the speed of sound in water. Drop a rock into a pond; the speed of the sound, of the rock hitting the water, travels in the pond at about 4.3 times the speed of sound in air as the surface ripples move slowly across the pond.

Light moves as transverse step-by-step instantaneous changes of place by particles which, while intruding on areas in other dimensions, produce movements of surrounding particles by excluding them at 90° relative to the light's direction of movement. If light is generated in enough quantities of particles, then as they get away from their source they push each other out of the way as do their consequent particles moving out of the way normal to the direction of movement. Polarized light happens by blocking/absorbing/reflecting the transverse waves selectively so only say the horizontally polarized transverse waves get through. As light particles move, they displace particles in other dimensions and inactive areas in 3D; and when they jump to the next place, the displaced particles return to their original positions. Magnetic particles happen using nearby dimensions to go away in, like a spring to bounce off; static particles are those which use the same 3D space to get out of the way in; both happen at 90° to the transverse step-by-step concentric oscillations of the moving light particles.

The fact of light being generated travels instantly everywhere the light is created in sequential time. After the fact, the light sets off from its source at a rate which is a compromise between the local clock-rate of the source, the frequency or frequencies of the parts being lost by the source. The bits of light can also adjust to frequencies of patterns which they can travel through and still be light. Light particles are among the most simple: concentric and near-concentric force-field pressure-variations using multi-D space to come and go in 3D without using complex movements in 3D. When light particles become components in a more complex pattern, they may continue to move in cycles multi-dimensionally or they may, in different patterns, continue to move only in 3D space; or any mix of the two.

Gold sphere sinusoidal diameter variationsThe fact of light being generated is known elsewhere instantly. Some particles of light travel exclusively in dimensions parallel to 3D; using places, outside the main three, where there are few interfering patterns to be fitted in with. That aspect of light travels as particles and normal waves, but at many times the speed of light in 3D space. When it arrives at a place where, in 3D or nearby space, the local conditions prevent it continuing, it is driven by gravity-exclusion into the more-compatible areas where it exhibits mostly as particles related to light, travelling at the speed of light, but different from normal light in structure and/or frequencies. Statistically, such faster-than-light events can be observed.

The speed of the source affects the frequency (wave-length) of the speed of light which leaves it, but not the speed (which is dependent on the say "clock" speed of a universe's most-relevant dimensions). The light's speed changes depending on what it is travelling through and what the light is being received by; and light's received wavelength is also affected by the relative speed of what is receiving the light. The speed of light can change as the light passes through various multi-D areas before reaching a destination.

Light particles' concentric oscillations can in some materials (patterns of oscillations) find peak or a zero crossing points so its oscillations can fit through spaces in some compatible complex events (patterns of oscillations). Low-frequency light, such as radio waves, travel light sound travels through water, transversely pushing/pulling on their host material, moving it either/both magnetically and/or static-electrically as whole patterns; so the light doesn't get spoiled much. Some things retransmit the light/heat by absorbing it at one frequency then rejecting it at a frequency more compatible with their pattern's innate oscillations.

Light particles can become electrons by their movements changing from being both magnetic (outside of the main three dimensions) and static (inside 3D) oscillations and movements; to purely static in which case they tend to quickly latch onto a 3D host pattern. For future technology light particles will be changed into magnetic forces, routinely. Light particles, also, may be absorbed by matter asymmetrically to produce movement as if such energy particles had been transferred to the new host from a previous host having lost the movement relatively in that direction.

Purple dual contiguous spheresThe movement of light is described above as the same as complex patterns moving in space. All movement is in steps, and it is related to nearby events. For example, air moving over the wing of an aeroplane has gravity forces normal to the direction of movement. If there is more air going over the top of the wing than the bottom, then the gravity forces, multi-dimensionally, push on the wing as if more on the bottom than on the top of the wing, and the air flowing over the top of the wing and that area of wing are mutually attracted (by external gravity-type forces). If this were not so, then pressure-variations, equalized at the speed of sound in air, would prevent a slow-moving wing from working. If this were not so, then a jet of air forced over an open pipe, at 90°, would not attract water out of the pipe.

Consider the solar system, all parts mutually moving through space at a huge speed, while individual parts move relative to each other, also; always changing places; unlikely ever to be in the same place twice. The movement through space is part of the local gravity in our solar system. Everything in it has gravity attraction between everything else, including whatever is passing through only once while following its own paths. When moving things collide, they exchange structure which has been gained, by moving and needing all the places in all the patterns to be filled by quantities of exclusion-force particles directly related to the speed relative to zero at the centre of the Universe.

Outside the Universe, other Universes are like stars far away in a bigger sky. Their movements may be many times taster than ours which may, already, be approaching a large percentage of the speed of light; but other universes are too far away for their gravity effects to have disruptive short-term consequences in our Universe. Events from outside our Universe, however, may reach us at speeds up to faster than light.

For all we know, our Universe might be travelling through space at a rate which is a significant percentage of the speed of light. That is more likely than its speed being slower than the rate our solar system is moving. Patterns move, as places in space which have individuality for enough time to have a series of unique locations rather than just being information within the overall hologram. The faster they move the more smaller and less-complex patterns bring their substance relative to nearby things moving similarly.

Concentric spherical multi-dimensional exclusion-force variations.If a pattern has an extra bit in one place, without having also an equivalent balancing bit in another place, then the pattern's asymmetrical exclusion force causes the pattern to be directionally excluded, from surrounding dimensions and other nearby exclusion forces; making movement, gravity and all field effects.

Tiny patterns, such as atoms and molecules, swap their asymmetric bits with things they encounter, bouncing off each other and occasionally losing some bits to things outside the collection more than are being gained. If they are moving very quickly through space, significantly relative to the speed of light, then if some of their heat sets of it will not be able to get to anything alongside; which is not what happens for example we do get the heat from the sun, regardless of the direction our system is moving. Consider that our solar system might be also moving say at half the speed of light; with everything else in this Universe: If the speed of light could be constant in reality rather than relatively, then in one direction, one part of the year, say, no light would get from our sun to us when we are behind the direction of travel (of our Universe) and we would get an overdose of heat if ahead of our sun, in the direction our Universe is traveling. This is not happening. What happens is that, wherever something is, the fact that something else is putting out bits of semi-attached things (exclusion-force patterns) is known instantly and a contract-to-exchange is set up between the source and the destination, according to their own rhythms and local clocks and clock-frequencies. When the whole system (Sun, Earth...) gets to the next place in space where a final transfer can happen which is during say the "zero crossing" time and the source and destination are in phase, then the transfer happens instantly; regardless of the absolute speed the source and destination are travelling.

With the above facts in mind, then energy may be transferred from anywhere in Creation; rather than energy like electricity being directed by wires or by non-focused heat. Power stations, in future, will be local resonances with distant energy sources in many dimensions but, more easily, with the sun directly. When resonance is phased slightly less than perfectly, then the resonance can gather energy.

For a crystal set radio, a mile or so from an AM radio station, a child strings out a length of wire, hooks it up to some electronic bits in the room and, without batteries, music plays quietly a tiny ancient telephone loudspeaker. The child's crystal-set aerial wire is getting the radio-transmission signals far outside one wavelength of the 1MHz transmission. The signals are being received as light; not by a transformer-like coupling between the transmitter and the receiver. The receiving wire is about 1mm round; it can be any size; the diameter only matters because of slight imperfections in the transparency of the wire for electricity. If the wire was a perfect conductor it could be hair-fine and still pick up ok for getting music into the room. The transmitter is only a couple of kiloWatts. It's a tiny low-powered local radio station. [In the 50s, in Australia, a big AM radio station would be only 50,000 Watts; about 1/20th of an ordinary TV station.] That 2kW transmitter sends its signals strongly enough to be received thousands of feet above and many miles away (useable by aeroplane navigators).

Estimating the cubic capacity of the air surrounding the transmitter, for an area with a diameter reaching to the child's receiver or a little distance beyond; the space covered by the radio signals is billions of times the amount of space occupied by the receiving wire. If the transmitter is 2kW in power, then if all receivers are the same and all gather 1mW, and there is nothing else to soak up the energy radiated from the transmitter, then 2 million crystal-set could receivers each get 1mW. Receivers attract the energy they get, by resonating with transmitters. Resonance causes energy particles to get organized with enough synchrony, with each other and the resonant system they are in, to produce directional movement peculiar to every individual in a group which are components of patterns with more complexity. For groups of very simple patterns, their random movement makes their group behavior exhibit additional heat, because the additional particles will get away towards alternatives anywhere in space including any nearby similar large patterns able to receive/exchange such particles.

The reason a child's toy zero-power radio works is because resonance gathers energy. If the resonance is accurate and the system doesn't randomize it into heat, then the energy may be extracted without stopping the resonance. Such no-battery passive radios were made by prisoners-of-war in WW2 in Germany, to listen to the BBC; bits of razor-blades as "crystals" mixed with coils made from electric wire... Sensitive detection of radio signals uses resonance to gather energy additional to selecting frequencies to detect. Future central energy sources can be resonant transmission devices. From such devices energy will travel in dimensions additional to the main three; so as to have no impediments between the sources of energy and the receivers of energy. Complex resonance systems will gather energy from the sun and nearby sources in other dimensions; and make the energy suitable for ultra-simple resonant systems for people to receive, faster than light, energy for use at any distance away.

Without movement, patterns exist as realities with less influence on their surroundings than when moving. Movement is by things leaving one place and being in another instantly, in a chain of steps. Movement leaves gaps which get filled by particles travelling instantly, to-and-from dimensions additional to 3D, to fill the places in a moving structure; places which otherwise would be disrupted by less-harmonious patterns. Movement enables complex energy patterns to have size above virtually zero. The faster the movement, the more chance a pattern has of being disrupted by intrusions of disharmonious components.

A body's movement is by patterns of possibilities for change moving. Smaller components, of those patterns, come and go to fill those places, if they are compatible. Movement of any pattern is in steps as its component possibilities leave one place and emerge in the next place in the movement chain. The moving possibilities are each unique individuals who's reality is present throughout Creation in ways analogous to a multi-dimensional hologram. Movement may be from any part of Creation to any other part; however moving patterns form hierarchical clubs, systems, groups...each also being unique yet, as these clubs become more aware of themselves and of similar clubs, they form associations with compatible patterns, excluding these less than they are excluded from places where they have less presence.

This chapter has many examples of how movement happens, similar to mentions of movement, gravity and fields in other chapters. The emphasis, in this chapter, has been towards showing movement as happening because of changes causing directional exclusion of structures. Compatible structures exclude each other less than they are excluded by and excluding (pushing away from) other structures. Space is fully occupied by exclusion force; and in some dimensions the force allows additional bits to come and go leaving alternatively gaps and high-exclusion levels, logically by using multiple dimensions rather than the force actually being less than infinitely self-excluding.

Individuality may also be described as a unique multi-D Fourier Series. The uniqueness may be in any variables such as the number of harmonics significantly greater than zero, their phase relative to the slowest frequency which they own uniquely (to some degree on an infinite possibility for definition) and their sizes relative to each other and/or relative to the sizes of comparable patterns. Also unique, for everything, is the moment-to-moment location of whatever step it is in for its movement. Patterns occupy 3D space by areas which concentrically have bits coming and going, and by areas which have bits related by moving around and with each other and overlapping less than perfectly concentrically.

If a pattern has places less than perfectly occupied, then other whole patterns can align their complementary places, to form stable patterns more complex, as molecules for example, and more numerous as for crystals.

The next article is about Light

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