Vortexes Movement Water Gravity 

David Beale 2016

This page happened because a friend asked what I thought about an article http://descartes.cyberbrahma.com/vortex.html.

Descartes’ and ideas regarding “Cartesian” support the ideas related to one exclusion force as the basis of tangible reality; as do many ideas such as Quantum, String Theory, and particle concepts. The Exclusion series of illustrations differs because of the words and analogies for saying why and what could be the causes for experimental observations which can get described using unproven presumptions. The ideas, about exclusion-force as the basis for a unified field theory, do not yet fit the analogies related to other approaches; but I believe that ordinary experimental evidence supports exclusion-force theory at least at an empirical level such as from observing events in cloud chambers.

One’s viewpoint may change towards experimental results by considering, for example, that if one is one the South Pole there one would regard the Earth as spinning clockwise and, from a North Pole point of view, the Earth is spinning anti-clockwise. Many scientific analogies are good for successful scientific engineering when similar discrepancies are understood. This article in my writing is, as usual, towards engineering possibilities presently impossible; it was instigated by a very good friend, a scientist, asking my opinion of an article http://descartes.cyberbrahma.com/vortex.html. He uses a magnetic device and said “I and others cannot explain the results we get from my water (magnetic) device in scientific terms” The matters are confidential however I need to quote a point made regarding the realities: “An observation is real and while we might have assumptions about what the science is that drives this effect…” and he said that people love the effect and that is real regardless of whether so-called “science” can explain it or not.  He also said “I am interested in what interactions there may be between magnetism and gravity in respect of water. Most people think that magnetism affects only magnetic minerals (eg. iron).  Clearly, this is not the case.”

I replied with the below, unedited except for tiny changes to punctuation in order to keep the ideas exactly as intended originally.

Hi …,

The [people] are being real scientists; the other type are behaving as if fearful of getting burned at the stake, racked...  The ancient Romans perfected slave-control using mind-control because, after devaluing their currency to less than 3%, the Elite in control could no longer pay mercenaries and foreign soldiers to kill people for profit. The Council of Nicaea has various description according to the bias of the writers; it took 20 years or so circa 310AD. Since then, cultures traceable back to Greece and Rome inflict congenital spiritual defects which produce excellent weapons for people with little money to be rendered compliant enough to get killed making the top dogs more wealthy. In the other of the two well-supervised groups, people who think in the abstract more still follow rules imposed on them; both groups follow an or-else motivation. The people in these cultures are realistic; scientists are permitted to be also practical and empirical whether the accompanying babble has been approved by their masters, or not...often to the horror of failure-based cultures, Real scientists have no inbuilt terrors nor disdain for innovation/invention; whereas the ego/fear-driven types are compelled to base their discussions on what has been done before --- and only with the approval of their brutal hierarchy.  

Vortexes happen and are necessary in a 3D space because, without vortexes, everything in such areas eventually tends to get so compatible as to come together. Exclusion forces, in the same 3D space but external to the first three dimensions (the main 3) push everything in a space, together.

If a structure (such as an atom or particle, or larger) has insufficient parts able to be compatible with external forces yet strongly bound also (by compatibility of phase in their coming-going movements both in 3D and trans-dimensional); then such compatible structures get pushed into other dimensions where they fit easier –  where they can stay.

Eventually, in cycles, everything comes and goes between new situations. For example, as a universe expands, its vortexes cover each a larger area so parts, which would otherwise be bound by compatibility and proximity, become more compatible with their own local situations and less compatible with trans-dimensional external forces; thus vulnerable to external forces. The increasingly-compatible parts can be excluded to new 3D sets; usually in cycles.

The universe is like an apple where, at the skin, everything cycles back to the centre, instantly...hence the "big bang" theory. The "big bang" stuff is evidence based; but the idea is faulty because it's based on a fear of considering reality has more than three dimensions. The big-bang theory works when the evidence is put into multiple dimensions; then the idea of everything getting recycled – when the expansion is expressed multi-dimensionally – allows.the observations and experimental results to be compatible naturally.

Structures in 3D space need vortexes to stay in 3D space with substance rather than as possibilities to be evoked, by creativity, into for example something observable by human perception. Centrifugal forces keep structures in their3D space; long enough, in sequential time, for beings with limited viewpoints to co-create the multi-dimensional hologram with every part of that, to infinity, changing instantly. If this or an equivalent were not so, then for a being with a viewpoint too large, there'd be the possibility of infinite boredom from being able to know everything in advance and by having no actual creative ability. Part of the definition, of humans, microbes, atoms, particles and everything else with individuality; is to have consciousness to whatever level appropriate for the spiritual needs of the individual.

Everything is individual because of the impossibility of the smallest particle being in the same place at the same time as any other particle; for everything presently which we perceive (as physical) is based on the same types of variations in the same type of exclusion force; as to where and when the parts are excluding other parts both in 3D space and multi-dimensionally.

Another idea, which applies to vortexes, is that everything is moving and, while moving, has attraction for everything in its proximity. I yet have only preliminary logic, in other writing, about why this is so; and I enjoy working towards that. Movement-related attraction is observed, in 3D, as extending exponentially; the attraction extends instantly and full-size – to everything else in the multi-dimensional holographic-fractal-Fourier system. These full-size attractions are almost equal, in all directions; so the attractions cancel (but they have an effect which supports astrology).

Gravity is constant because it seems the same whether items are moving, or not. Gravity forces push things together relative to their directions of movements. When things are moving in different directions (such as vortex-related movements) then the chances of entrainment are higher because the things, by movement, get static and magnetic similarity in their positions in space. Objects, relative to their proximity, become more compatible harmonically; because objects are alive, have a limited perspective, so they co-create their own reality for the whole of reality to change constantly as if time is sequential rather than one big Now.

 So, while approaching and leaving the proximity of anything else, during those periods, all objects have time to alter their oscillation phases (times to be and not be in their 3D spaces, and where they are in their observed 3D space); so they fit more in the peaks and dips of their presence; so the external gravity forces push them together. Two vortexes alongside each other can eventually become unified because their components have enough opportunities to become compatible with the result that they occupy a smaller 3D area than when separate.

All individual patterns and structures, from the smallest to the whole of a vortex, can oscillate between any two or more places anywhere in multi-dimensional space. While in locations other than their observed 3D places, they have their oscillation-timings modified because of being pushed/forced towards being compatible with events in those places by the surrounding gravity exclusion forces. The definition. of any structure –  whether a particle, molecule or planet – has, in its Fourier-harmonics, the definition of the whole of Creation --- because infinity goes both ways.

So, asymptotic to zero presence, everything with individuality holds in its definition parts of every other individual. Magnetic and static fields are observed as different according to observation and  local compatibilities and incompatibilities with events and patterns which produce local effects.

Locations effect the comings and goings of the oscillations of all of the components of those effects. A magnetic (or static) field can over-ride the effects, on particles and structures, which were imposed on them by them having been in other locations; allowing the individuals to fit in better with whatever is closer to them following their memories having been wiped. After becoming compatible with their closest surroundings, events are ready to entrain to 3D and multi-D events which are closer than the events (at any distance away) to which they previously were entrained to.

Water is the best example for the way complex structures are defined by where they have been and the intentions of their surroundings. Although, superficially, water is a uniform substance actually water has no parts which are the same. Every part of water is different – that idea includes the tiniest theoretical particle or a gigantic system such as a snowflake. Parts of water form structures according to where the components have been as they oscillate their variations – variations of being and not-being in any one 3D space. The variations alternate to anywhere in creation, for the phases which are not in 3D space; these travels have preference for being the closest compatible structures in 3D space which may include the will and intent of a person who, by the same miracle, may move a finger because of the intent of the being directing the evidence of that person in 3D space..

For simplistic purposes and observations, water seems to be the same for all samples (as if having variations only in "purity" temperature..).. But every component, of every sample of water, exhibits different peaks and dips in the Fourier series which define the components. Substances can change in the patterns, of their movements in 3D space; they change the places their components which constantly come and go between places in multi-dimensionally space.

Water seems simple only according to simplistic tests. Just bringing another substance into proximity with water can change the water; because components of both parties entrain to each other rather than entraining with opportunities further away.

So water summarizes lots about how a theory of everything can be based on one idea: the idea is that observations can be explained by analogies based on the concept that variations in an exclusion force as to where bits of it are in 3D space when they are there in sequential time.